Meet the Artisans!

Meet the makers! Who hand stitches our clothes? We know every one of them personally and now we want to introduce them to you! Here, learn a little bit more about some of the amazing women helping to create our summer line:

Shagufa, 25, is a trained chemist, high school teacher, and a wife. She left everything behind when she moved to the United States. After spending five years studying chemistry in college, she became a high school chemistry teacher until she had the opportunity to come to the United States with her father and just one of her 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Her husband is a journalist back in Afghanistan, and Shagufa worries about him constantly; she talks to him on the phone whenever she can. He has started the process to move to America, but that often takes a year, sometimes longer. Shagufa would love to get back to chemistry, but until that is a possibility, she is just grateful for the opportunity to be here in America.


Freshta, only 19, is a young relative of Shagufa’s. She is soft spoken, but an avid listener as she works on improving her very-limited English. Freshta was working on finishing her university degree when she left the dangerous situation in Afghanistan. Arriving only 3 short months ago, she had to leave her husband, an engineer, behind in Afghanistan.

We are amazed by these women and grateful everyday that we have the opportunity to get to know them along their journey. Stay tuned for more artisan stories - coming soon!


xoxo, Sacha & Sara