The Road to Market

We're are so excited to be headed to our first apparel market in less than a week! Preparation is 100% underway for our January 24th debut at StyleMax Chicago but there's still plenty to do! We're road testing new styles, new artisans and new retailers all at once and it's a good challenge for us. We've selected new fabrics, ordered them and, of course, had unexpected delays. But the resulting color palette for spring & summer 2016 makes it all worthwhile. A vibrant watermelon, an on-trend serenity blue, classic navy, neon green, luscious tangerine, and a patterned black damask option for day to night wear will make you positively swoon.

We're finishing up our prototypes for 3 new styles: longer leggings, longer tanks and double-wrap headbands. While these samples have not been without their own challenges, they're all totally on point with great fit and function and they're the perfect addition to our "fitanthropic" collection. We've found new women to hand stitch each garment on short order. These amazing artisans are all native to our beloved hometown and they are truly spectacular. While some have been a better fit for our little company than others, every one of them has contributed to this project with such heart that we feel extremely grateful to have been placed in their paths.

We're sharing bits and pieces of this journey on social media as we go, so if you see something you love, an inspirational phrase that you just can't live without or if you know a retailer that NEEDS to come see us in Chicago and carry our new line, give us a shout out! We can't guarantee that every single style and color will make it from market to full production but we can guarantee that NEVA will be awesome in 2016 and that we can't do this without you!


Sara & Sacha