Stylemax Market, Chicago -January 2016

We're almost three weeks past our market adventure now and things have not slowed down one bit. Showing NEVA at Stylemax Chicago was an awesome experience that proved the fashion and athleisure worlds have been waiting for a company like ours for a long time. Our bright and colorful booth made us friends right off the bat, and being the new girls on the block didn't hurt either!  Tucked between the booths of amazing companies like Beyond Yoga, BCBG, Comme Toi, Millia, Chan Luu, and English Factory, we served chocolates and wine from custom embroidered bottles, met more great buyers than we ever could have anticipated and learned invaluable lessons with every interaction. While some were shopping for yoga and fitness studios and others were shopping for large chain retailers, we also met many small boutique owners who recognized that athleisure is the trend of the future and that most women live in their "work-out" leggings all day long! The philanthropic nature of our company resonated with a lot of these women and we're thrilled to announce our partnership with a dozen new retailers and counting.

The feedback we're getting from our first round of shipments is awesome:

I am so happy I found your great line. The name and great colors is what first drew me to your booth. Then I started talking with you girls and heard the excitement in your voices about your product. I just received my order and I will have to say I love the lounge legging. I look forward to working with you.
Thank you
Peaces of Fashion

And we can't wait to work with all of our great new retailers too!

Next up: New samples are headed to production in LA. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest!

xo, Sara & Sacha