Have a Fitanthropic Fourth!

How do we celebrate the Fourth of July at NEVA? By celebrating our American artisans, of course!

Our newest styles are all 100% made in America: designed by us, two American moms, custom created in LA, primarily by women, and hand-stitched by women in Kansas City.

We're proud to employ American artisans who come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some are immigrants who have been here only a short time and are using their skills to seek the American dream, and some have been here for generations and are part of the diverse fabric of our country. Each artisan is paid responsibly and each item is created ethically. We're a small business and we take pride in knowing our employees by name.

We're celebrating a "Fitanthropic Fourth" here at NEVA as we slow down and reflect on this great American holiday. And we wish the same to you!

Sara & Sacha