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Meet the Artisans!

Meet the makers! Who hand stitches our clothes? We know every one of them personally and now we want to introduce them to you! Here, learn a little bit more about some of the amazing women helping to create our summer line: Shagufa, 25, is a trained chemist, high school teacher, and a wife. She left everything behind when she moved to the United States. After spending five years studying chemistry in college, she became a high school chemistry teacher until she had the opportunity to come to the United States with her father and just one of her 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Her husband is a journalist back in Afghanistan, and Shagufa worries about him constantly; she talks to him...

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New Summer Collection: Behind the Scenes

Eagerly awaiting our new summer collection? So are we! Here’s a little bit about what’s been going on behind the scenes as we get our newest looks ready for you! At NEVA, we produce high-quality activewear embroidered with inspirational phrases by female artisans around the world. By combining high-end activewear with global philanthropy, we’ve created a brand we call “Fitanthropic” with the ultimate goal of empowering our artisans through meaningful employment. For our first line, hand-stitched in South Asia starting in 2013, that meant hiring women who had been living on less than $1.25 a day and paying them approximately 10x what they had been previously making. With their new wages, these women were empowered to buy groceries on their...

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Stylemax Market, Chicago -January 2016

We're almost three weeks past our market adventure now and things have not slowed down one bit. Showing NEVA at Stylemax Chicago was an awesome experience that proved the fashion and athleisure worlds have been waiting for a company like ours for a long time. Our bright and colorful booth made us friends right off the bat, and being the new girls on the block didn't hurt either!  Tucked between the booths of amazing companies like Beyond Yoga, BCBG, Comme Toi, Millia, Chan Luu, and English Factory, we served chocolates and wine from custom embroidered bottles, met more great buyers than we ever could have anticipated and learned invaluable lessons with every interaction. While some were shopping for yoga and...

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The Road to Market

We're are so excited to be headed to our first apparel market in less than a week! Preparation is 100% underway for our January 24th debut at StyleMax Chicago but there's still plenty to do! We're road testing new styles, new artisans and new retailers all at once and it's a good challenge for us. We've selected new fabrics, ordered them and, of course, had unexpected delays. But the resulting color palette for spring & summer 2016 makes it all worthwhile. A vibrant watermelon, an on-trend serenity blue, classic navy, neon green, luscious tangerine, and a patterned black damask option for day to night wear will make you positively swoon. We're finishing up our prototypes for 3 new styles: longer...

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2015 Was A Good Year

December 30, 2015NEVA saw a lot of change in 2015 and if you know us, you know that change is GOOD! There were new babies on the home front, and new additions to the team on the work front. We're so excited for what 2016 has in store for this company and want to share the details of our journey along the way - good, bad and comical!NEVA started with a team of good friends and supporters who believed in a single mission: giving back to female artisans in South Asia by connecting them to an industry that reaches millions of American women daily - activewear! This year, our mission has grown to include other female artisans around the globe...

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